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  • I was born on February 10
  • My occupation is Drawing
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  • Maxxthewolf

    Iya Bane

    July 2, 2012 by Maxxthewolf

    First Name: Iya

    Middle Name: Unknown

    Last Name: Bane

    Weight: 110 pounds

    Height: 6 feet (6'0)

    Homeworld: Titan

    Species: Human (Caucasian)

    Gender: Female

    Date Of Birth: 2480 (Approximate Age: 27.)

    Place Of Birth: Titan Surveillance Systems.

    Date Of Death: None

    Place Of Death: None

    Equipment: Plasma Cutter and Level 2 Engineering RIG (Later Upgrades to Level 4 Engineering RIG.)

    Hair: White

    Eyes: Green

    Skin Color: Light Tan

    Notable Facts: Aided Daryl Greenfire in his cure for the Necromorph infection. Helped Daryl Greenfire escape from the Hellfire, escaping with him.

    Affiliation: Is only on Daryl's side.

    Weapon Of Choice: Plasma Cutter

    RIG Of Choice: Skin-Tight Intermediate Mining RIG.

    Most Hated Necromorph: Seducer

    Family: Abicus Bane (Sister)

    In A Relationship With: Daryl Greenfire.


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  • Maxxthewolf


    " Make us whole... " The fourth installment of the Dead Space series, Dead Space: Evolution focuses on the evolution of Necromorphs and what it is that we consider human. Inside the Hellfire, a Military Conquest ship, Unitologists have bribed the cargo men of the Hellfire to bring in some "special" cargo for help on their inhabited planet, as they were expecting to go to war. However, this came with some unwanted consequences, as the cargo men started transforming into Necromorphs, later attacking the crew. Daryl Greenfire, a cargo shipper, is a man who witnesses this first hand. Using new tactics, weaponry, RIG's, and even Daryl's own Necromorph form, it is up to Daryl and his fellow survivors to escape the Hellfire, or die trying. …

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  • Maxxthewolf

    First Name: Daryl

    Middle Name: Albert

    Last Name: Greenfire

    Weight: 130 pounds

    Height: 6 feet and 3 inches (6'3)

    Homeworld: Mars

    Species: Human (African American)

    Gender: Male

    Date Of Birth: 2480 (Approximate Age: 27.)

    Place Of Birth: Bakersfield, California.

    Date Of Death: None

    Place Of Death: None

    Equipment: Plasma Cutter, Line Gun, Rivet Gun, Remote Control Disc Launcher. (Main) Triage Security Suit, Hazard Engineering RIG, Elite Engineering RIG, Advanced Unitologist RIG,Scorpion Level Engineering RIG. (Main) All other suits.

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Blood Red

    Skin Color: Mild Brown

    Notable Facts: Destroyed a ship full of Necromorphs (The Hellfire). Cured himself of the Necromorph infection. Destroyed a White Marker by himself.

    Affiliation: None

    Weapon Of Choice: Line Gun

    RIG Of Cho…

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