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  • I was born on February 8
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  • I am Female
  • DS2117

    Dead Space: The New Hivemind

    December 24, 2012 by DS2117

    Dead Space: The New Hivemind A Dead Space/Prototype crossover.

    In 2009, the first Unitologists form an alliance with Gentek. after observing Alex Mercer's superior strength and abilities, the Unitologists want humanity to be strong and united with help of the Blacklight virus. After weeks of tracking and bring down Mercer, the two groups put him in stasis. 200 years later, Alex Mercer is sent to Tau Volantis for study. Around the same time, the discovery of necromorphs and more markers grabs much attention, thus the Blacklight project is long forgotten. The Unitologists storage necromorph specimens on Tau Volantis as well but things get out of hand. The necromorphs run free on the planet. Alex Mercer remains in stasis until the year of 2511…

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