• Clarkedead

    Life in space

    September 24, 2016 by Clarkedead

    Amanda: Jamie this place is nice on this ship 

    Jamie: yeah I know this place is alright 

    A slasher comes (to there knowledge out of nowhere) and slashes Amanda in half 

    Jamie froze in shock just stands there

    His shock turns into anger 

    Jamie:You bastard 

    He reaches into his pocket and takes out his switchblade and stabs the necromorph in its jugular the necromorph then Falls on the ground he then stabs the necromorph over and over again 

    Jamie hears a noise then sees a swarm of necromorphs he runs away

    Jamie: what the fuck is happening now 

    Jamie finds a open door he runs toward it , opens it then finds it then boards door then blocks the door with a chair and then Jamie breaks down crying

    Jamie: how could this be happening to me 

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