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The Chosen
Organizational information

Acutus Hohlstein



Chronological and political information

before 2446

"New orders: Make sure everybody who wants to live is aboard the Titus in five minutes. We are leaving."
—Adon Mordrick

The Chosen is a mercenary organization that opposed the teachings of Unitology. This organization was led by Acutus Hohlstein. The logo of The Chosen is called the Mark of the Chosen.



Battle of Scorpio 6

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The Chosen's assets mainly consisted of EarthGov assets that were slightly modified. The Chosen began to manufacture their own starships, robotics, and weaponry with the help of many former C.E.C. engineers and scientists.



The Chosen manufactured and utilized the Experimental Combat Unit (E.C.U.), informally known as the Reaper(s) for use against Insurgents and any other opposition. The Reapers are robotic soldiers that are significantly stronger than a human and employed by the Chosen to demoralize the opposition.

Aside from the Experimental Combat Unit, the main force of The Chosen would be it's human operatives. The Chosen's operatives mainly used the Multi-Purpose Advanced RIG. Its design bore similarities to the EarthGov Special Forces RIG. The engineers and scientists wore the Engineer RIG. Both RIGs are equipped with a Stasis Module and Kinesis Module.


The Chosen utilized the Sabre-class starfighter during ship-to-ship combat. They also made their own variants of the EarthGov Gunship and Dropship.


The Chosen only commands 1 fleet however they are very strong and capable. The Fleet of Unrelenting Fury is a flotilla that consists of 1 carrier-class warship, 4 destroyer-class starships, 2 prowler-class starships, and 10 corvette-class starships.

Carrier-class warship

  • CSS Aurora Black

Destroyer-class starships

  • CSS Nightingale
  • CSS Defiance
  • CSS Gorgon
  • CSS Decimator

Prowler-class starships

  • CSS Euphoria
  • CSS Titus

Corvette-class starships

  • CSS Troy
  • CSS Gladius
  • CSS Nemesis
  • CSS Avalon
  • CSS Horizon
  • CSS Bishop
  • CSS Memphis
  • CSS Titan
  • CSS Prophet
  • CSS Artemis

Known Members


  • Commander A. Holstein
  • Sergeant A. Bautista
  • Corporeal J. Ford
  • Private M. Ford
  • Chief Engineer A. Mordrick

Operative Ranks

  • Commander
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Corporeal
  • Lance Corporeal
  • Private
  • Trainee

Engineer Ranks

  • 1st Engineer
  • 2nd Engineer
  • Senior Engineer
  • Chief Engineer


Resource Integration Gear

Operative RIG
  • Advanced Soldier RIG
  • Multi-Purpose Advanced RIG
Engineer RIG
  • Standard Engineer RIG
  • Intermediate Engineer RIG
  • Advanced Engineer RIG
  • Advanced Hazard Engineer RIG


  • Experimental Combat Unit
  • 211-V Plasma Cutter
  • SWS Motorized Pulse Rifle
  • Hand Cannon
  • Seeker Rifle
  • C99 Supercollider Contact Beam
  • Stasis Module
  • Kinesis Module