The SWS-123 Surge Rifle is Logan Taylor's personally customized Pulse Rifle which he used throughout the Ishimura and the Sprawl.


Logan first obtained his Pulse Rifle during his time serving in the military. He became quite skilled with it, and quickly built up a reputation as a master with automatic firearms. Logan's Pulse Rifle was standard in his arsenal, and he carried it with him on all his missions. He eventually began upgrading the weapon for increased efficiency.


Logan had installed multiple upgrades to his Pulse Rifle.

Increased Bullet Damage

A high output plasma discharger increases bullet velocity and adds a more powerful plasma coating to the bullets, increasing damage to flesh-based targets.

Increased Magazine Size

The Surge Rifle can carry specially made magazines that can hold up to 250 rounds each. It can also hold standard magazines.

Increased Accuracy

A small electromagnetic rail system in the barrel keeps the bullet completely straight throughout the barrel, and further increases velocity, greatly improving accuracy.

Decreased Recoil

A specialized stock with a reliable recoil reduction mechanism almost completely eliminates recoil from full automatic fire.

Increased Firerate

A specialized reloading system rechambers and fires the rounds at a 15% faster rate than normal.

Increased Grenade Damage

The power of the grenade launcher is also increased by the high output plasma discharger, making an incredible lethal high explosive that can take out many armored targets.

Straight Trajectory Grenade

A feature that took Logan the longest to perfect, the Surge Rifle has an optional straight trajectory mode to the grenade, allowing it to be fired with pinpoint accuracy.

Second Upgrade

Upon travelling to Adonis IX, Logan had upgraded the Surge Rifle again.

Base Statistics

All base statistics, such as damage, accuracy and recoil mitigation, have been further upgraded.

Underbarrel Shotgun

Logan traded out the grenade launcher for a double barrel shotgun attachment, featuring extremely high power at short ranges.