Mason Runner is a member of the EarthGov special forces that where deployed on Titan station.


Mason Runner was born 31 years prior to the outbreak on Titan station. He grew up catholic, and this followed into his adult years. At the age of twelve,his parents began fighting,not wanting to witness them arguing,he constantly wandered into the woods or into cities. Which caused his parents hundereds of dollars in medicals bills anually. After an accident where he broke his arm and fractured two ribs,his parents would not allow him to go outside un-supervised,which caused him to witness them fight and argue,he soon picked up on this behaviour and was almost always angry.

Tour of duty of Titan station


Mason soon joined the EarthGov military at the age of 19. He exelled at this,which quickly made him a part of the EarthGov special forces.

10 years after joining the special forces,he was deployed to Titan station for security on what he was told to be experiments on a new type of disease. After two weeks of sevice,he was put on temporary leave for experiencing symptoms of madness,to his displeasure. Soon after being put on leave,the outbreak occurred. He was stranded in the financial district,and was nearly killed by and enchanted brute,which he tricked into being sucked into a vacuum.

He barely escaped Titan station with his life,managing to find an unfired and working escape pod after saving several people.


  • Despite being catholic,he is a very large supporter of the church of Unitology. He makes visits to the church and is well liked in the community.
  • He is obsessed with old world animation. His favorite animators include the likes of Walt Disney,Hayao Miyazaki,Richard Williams,and Chuck Jones.
  • Mason does not believe the outbreak is a work of god or any other divine being,but a man-made event.