The events of the recovery mission are sealed by High Ranking EarthGov officals but it is know it was one of the first Necromorph outbreaks after the Aegis VII and before the Sprawl incident. The Recovery Mission spanned four days. The Leading officer Commander Cassidy "Cadaver" requested three other Squads for the recovery mission. As the planet was CLASSIFIED to the Commander there was Unacurrate mapping and personel record.


Squad info.


Commander Cassidy "Cadaver" Lemona

Corproal Alexander Benson (KIA)

Private Evan Lov

Private Duncan Jakobs (KIA)

Private Emily Stanford (KIA)

(Pilot) CEC Pilot Gary Dakherm (KIA)


Lieutenant Ryan Conners

Corproal Amber Marlo

Private Victor Sanchez (KIA)

Private Mitchell Gonbala (KIA)

Private Zoey Harlo (KIA)

(Pilot) CEC Pilot Amy Gegs


Lieutenant Benji Vikrs

Corproal Dan Hullum (KIA)

Private Max Tanum (MIA)

Private Sam Genlial (KIA)

Private Tyler Genial (KIA)

(Pilot) CEC Pilot Harry Borach (KIA)

First Contact

First Contact began four hours into the mission at Sycon Cliffs ( Charlie squad's Landing Site) when squad Charile Lost contact with squads Alpha and Bravo.