Overview Edit

The Lionspear Black Ops was division, formed for the only purpose, of protecting the needs of earth. Everyone who is an LBO(Lionspear Black Op), officialy no longer exsists. They sacrifice everything, and no one will ever hear of their courage. They have no rules except: kill, and die with honor. If any are caught, they have toxin capsules in their heads that kill them instantly.


Commanding Officer: Fifth General Arashi Velenakimo(Japanese)

Second-in-Command: Head Admiral Raimundo Unhao(Portuguese)

Head of Artillery: Rear General Alcott Heneson(American)

Armor Mobilizer: Major General Denzeil Thuschiel(German)

Infantry Strategist: Rear General Elissa Averhearcht(American)

Medical Chief: Doctor Amin-ud-Din Khalaf(Turkish)

Top Officers:

Col. Wenziech Ferdenouch(German)

Col. Gerando Fenio(Spanish)

Col. Henry Ironton(American)

LtCol. Iskinder Traore(African)

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