Keirain Nite

Biological Information

Date of Birth 1997 AD
Date of Death 2099 AD(REBORN:2126 AD)
Homeworld Unknown, Amerika, Earth

Physical Description

Blood type O(when Alive)
Gender Male
Height 6'4"(HUMAN)


Weight 105 lbs(human)

300 lbs (robot)

Eye Color Sea Blue(human)

Black screan(robot)

Hair Color Red(human)


Race Human


Chronological and Political Information

Occupation Scocialist

Leader of the Black Sun

Marital status None
Relative(s) none known
Status Alive

Keirain is a powerful military leader with universal conquest in mind.


He is a very cold and couculateing person. His goal in his new life is universal domination.



when he was young, he was hated by his peers. He dreamed of one day makeing all on earth bow down to him. He later decided to unite the world and end all wars. After graduateing highschool, he moved to puertorico and began building an army. His friend became president of the US and helped keirain to plunge the world into WW3.


Durring the beggining of WW3, he lived in a remote part of russia. Halfway through the war, he forced the leaders of all the remaining countrys to sign a "World Unification Treaty". He had finnaly succeded in his goal, and had created one country known as ARCADIA.


After the completion of arcadia, Keirain ordered ARCADIAN scientists to begin construction on a space station known as "EKLIPSE". It was an advanced version of the NAZI "SUN GUN" idea. It would theoreticaly reflect light from the sun twards a concentrated point on the earth. He knew he wouldnt live to see it compleated, so he uploaded his mind into a computer.

EKLIPSE StationEdit

The EKLIPSE was finnaly compleate, and keirain ordered it tested on the last rebel city. It was burnt to the ground, along with all the rebbles.

Universal ConquestEdit

Years in the future the earth is running out of rescources fast, The moon has moved very far away, and the sun is dying. Keirain uploaded his mind into a robotic body, and set out to find a habitable planet. And so his universal conquest began.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Keirain is a skilled swordsman. He can hold off multiple opponents at once.


He weilds an adamantine sword with a neon flourecent tube in the center. Adamantine is a metal found in meteorites, and can cut through most earth metals easly. The flourecent tube adds heat to the attacks to burn wounds closed to prevent bleeding.


His robot body is equipped with telekinetik abbilities.





  • His appearance is based on soundwave from transeformers prime.

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