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HD 69830

HD 69830 as it apears in a typical NavChart with all filters turned off

The HD 69830 system consists of a K0V star orbitted by 6 planets, 4 dwarf planets and a massive debris disk, at 41LY from Sol. Even though there are no habitable planets or moons in the system it has still managed to become prosperous due to being home to one of the largest shipyards in all of colonized space, The Naos Driveyards. Much of the activity in this system is centered around the debris disk where asteroids are constantly being harvested in order to fuel the forges of the driveyards. The system is the base of operations of the 19th fleet, consisting of 45 supply, repair, rescue and refit ships, 15 corvettes and stealth corvettes, 6 mine layers, 42 frigates and heavy frigates, 51 destroyers, 14 cruisers, 3 battleships and a newly constructed supercarrier, the USM Lepanto.