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The Deliverance-class planetcracker was intended as the new flagship of the C.E.C. and as a replacement for the aging USG Ishimura. Significantly larger than even the Ishimura, the Deliverance would have been the largest planetcracker ever created; at five kilometers long and with room for more than five thousand people, the vessel could have carried out planet cracking operations much quicker than any other planetcracker.

However, in the aftermath of the Aegis VII tragedy and the subsequent collapse of the planet cracking industry[1], the C.E.C. halted work on the vessel; for more than a year, the Deliverance remained untouched in its berth, a very-nearly completed behemoth effectively abandoned by its creators. The C.E.C. even considered scrapping the vessel, though no shipbreakers could meet the price demanded by C.E.C. investors. Then, in 2509, an unlikely buyer proposed purchasing the incomplete ship and construction dock, at a price that the C.E.C. was more than happy to accept.[note 1]

The unlikely buyer was none other than EarthGov; rather than utilize the incomplete Deliverance as a planetcracker, the government instead transformed the vessel into a massive mobile research station.


  1. While the actual amount is unknown, given the size of the ship and subsequent improvement in C.E.C. finances following the sale, it is thought to be well into the tens of trillions of credits.


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