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Ach, literally meaning zero in German, is a Space Station in "Dead Space - Escalation" manned by Unitologist Researchers working on the "Hybrid Project" to artificially birth a sentient creation from the genetics located within the Black Marker.


The Ach Space Station was the first of a leading class of space stations designed by Unitologists and used for the purpose of privacy, to this end it was designed to exist in the hardest to live places and had countless hidden defense systems, the intention behind the original design is unknown however it is assumed that Albert Asimov or someone similar with aggressive visions believed it would be important for Unitologists to become military independent of the Earth Defense Force.

The Ach-class was put into limited production by Unitologists near planets with important schools of Unitology nearby, Ach itself was adopted by Albert Asimov and Research Team Beta to carry out the "Hybrid Project" that he had been inspired to do, however this would soon become a mistake and a means to heavily damage Ach - killing Asimov and all the Unitologists on board. Necromorphs would be spawned by Eins and Zwei which the elder would then murder Asimov and continue to hunt down any Unitologist in between, Drei and Vier would attempt to stop their brothers' path of destruction, leading to a final battle with Eins and Eins Mors (and optional battle with Zwei and Zwei Vitae)


  • Ach was one of the first of a new type of Space Station, born from the Unitologist Modernization Program of the same name.